Die Quetsche

Die QUETSCHE, which he founded in 1985, was obliged to follow him. It is his passion –aside from the artist Gisela Mott-Dreizler, whose life partner he became and without whose cooperation die Quetsche surely would only be half as good as it is. Reinhard Scheuble has found the ideal field for himself. In addition to the artisanal precision, artistic imaginativeness, planning realism and economic tenacity – which are not normally easily brought into balance, but for which his personality apparently offers the right mixture – most noteworthy are the delight and joy with which he produces his books.

Over the years, recognitions have not been absent. In 1995 he had an exhibition at the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz and he received the Brandis-Prize from the city of Delitzsch; in 1996 the city of Wesselburen awarded him the Hebbel-Prize for his handcrafted book creations, and from the Walter-Tiemann-Prize in the city of Leipzig an Honorary Certificate. And he will continue to apply himself. For those interested, it is possible to sign up for the collectors’ get-together in Witzwort over Pentecost, or simply inquire to find out when die Quetsche’s next open house is.